What degree wedge is best for bunkers? (2023)

What degree wedge to use in a bunker?

For the traditional-length bunker shot, use your 56-degree sand wedge, open the face slightly, and imagine the sand flying deeper onto the green than the above short-range shot. The farther the sand flies, the more acceleration you'll need to incorporate through impact.

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What wedge is best for bunkers?

A 54 or 56 degree sand wedge is the best wedge to get out of the bunker as it offers sufficient loft, rampant spin, and control. Most golfers find it easy to open the clubface of a sand wedge and launch the ball out of the bunker without ballooning shot and losing control.

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Should you use 60 degree wedge in bunker?

You can use the 58 or 60 degree wedge for bunker shots, pitch over bunkers, chipping, partial approach shots and flop shots. It is not a power club and should be used to save strokes in your golf game by hitting the ball close to the hole when you are inside a full shot range.

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What is the best degree for a sand wedge?

Many golfers play 54-degree or 55-degree wedges, but 56 is the most popular loft for sandies. And, to be fair, choosing the loft for your sand wedge will depend on the distance gap your are trying to fill between your gap wedge (if you play one) and lob wedge (if you play one).

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Can I use a 56 degree wedge in the sand?

The 56-degree wedge has plenty of loft and this allows golfers to dig the golf ball out of those dreaded sandy lies. The club is uniquely designed to cut right through the sand and lift the golf ball out.

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Do I need a 56 degree wedge and a sand wedge?

Yes, you definitely need all of these wedges. The 52-degree, the 56-degree, and the 60-degree wedges are some of the most commonly used clubs in golfing. You'd significantly narrow your scope of play on the course if you didn't have any of these clubs ready to go in your bag.

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What grind is best for bunkers?

Who it suits: The T-Grind offers a versatile, low bounce option in both 58- and 60-degree. Ideal for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions or from bunkers with less sand.

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Should I use 54 and 58 degree wedge?

A 54-degree wedge is ideal for golfers who have a 58-degree lob wedge and another wedge close to 50 degrees. Pretty much all golfers have a pitching wedge and a wedge between 56 and 58 degrees. That leaves a pretty big gap in clubs and that's why you'll want to fill it as soon as possible.

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What club should I use in bunker?

Choose the Right Club

If you have a small amount of green to work with between you and the hole, use a high loft wedge. If you have more green to work with, choose a lower loft wedge. The solution to hitting out of a bunker on the fairway is to hit more club.

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Can you use a 50 degree wedge in the sand?

Can you use a 50-degree wedge as a sand wedge? Using a 50-degree wedge out of the sand isn't the best choice for most greenside bunkers. The only time you might want to try a 50-degree wedge out of the sand is when your ball is in a fairway bunker.

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Can I use a 60 degree wedge in the sand?

Can you use a 60-degree wedge as a sand wedge? A 60-degree wedge can work well out of the sand but it's important to have at least 10 degrees of loft. A wedge with more loft can help you get the ball out of deep bunkers or fly a shorter distance.

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Is a 52 degree wedge the same as a sand wedge?

A 52 degree wedge is also known as a gap wedge. You will most likely have an 8 to 10 degree difference between the pitching wedge and sand wedge in your golf bag. The 52 lets you fill the "gap" between your pitching wedge and sand wedge and give you more versatility for scoring shots.

What degree wedge is best for bunkers? (2023)
Can you use a 52 degree wedge in the sand?

Can you use a 52-degree wedge as a sand wedge? A 52-degree wedge should only be used in a fairway bunker. It probably won't have enough loft to consistently get the ball out of a greenside bunker.


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