What is the age gap between Arthur and John? (2023)

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Is Micah older than Arthur?

Micah is considered by many to be the real villain of Red Dead Redemption 2, and once you finish the game, you'll likely fall in the same camp. It's interesting how Micah happens to be older than Arthur, and that might be why Dutch Van Der Linde begins to fall for Micah's rouse.

Is John skinnier than Arthur?

“John has always been slightly skinnier and less bulkier than Arthur,” Cole says.

How old was Dutch when he met Arthur?

The life of an outlaw is all Arthur Morgan has ever know. Dutch Van der Linde met Arthur when he was just 14 years old, a particularly damaged and angry young delinquent who had been on the streets ever since losing his parents at a young age.

How old is Arthur Morgan when he dies?

The next confirmed youngest death of a Van der Linde gang member is actually Morgan himself. The main character of Red Dead Redemption 2 has a rough end no matter what choices players make, dying at the young age of 36.

How old is Sadie Adler?

As of 1899, Sadie is a slender young woman likely in her late 20's or early 30's, with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.

How old was Hosea when he died?

Hosea Williams
BornHosea Lorenzo WilliamsJanuary 5, 1926 Attapulgus, Georgia, U.S.
DiedNovember 16, 2000 (aged 74) Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Resting placeLincoln Cemetery (Atlanta, Georgia).
Occupationsactivist minister philanthropist research chemist entrepreneur politician
6 more rows

Who was more skilled Arthur or John?

However, the playing-field between the two outlaws is leveled significantly when John Marston's legendary gunslinging abilities are taken into account. While both characters have access to the game's coveted "Dead Eye" shooting system, Marston's experience in ranged combat far exceeds that of Arthur's.

Who is smarter John or Arthur?

Arthur is certainly more intelligent than John, but we also wouldn't put him in the top tier. Arthur is painfully quick to answer with violence instead of thought, and he too is often called an idiot or a fool by those around him. He also remains loyal to Dutch a little longer than he should have.

How much can Arthur lift?

Possibly the most impressive feats of strength from Arthur were his 370 lb bent press and his 440 lb Two Hand Anyhow lift.

What is Arthur Morgan's accent?

Arthur may have a distinctly Southern accent, but actor Roger Clark was born in New Jersey, raised in Ireland and learned his trade in Wales.

Did Dutch ever love Arthur?

Although the two outlaws are regularly at odds over Dutch's decision-making and constant planning, this detail suggests that Dutch does genuinely care about Arthur. That, or his paranoia forces him to send another member of the camp out to ensure that Arthur isn't scheming.

How old was Arthur at the end?

It is unknown exactly how old King Arthur was when he died. Most estimations place him between 35 and 50, while some are closer to 75.

Can Arthur get with Mary?

Arthur also falls in love with Mary Linton, and they eventually get engaged. The relationship doesn't work out, mostly because her family disapproves of Arthur's outlaw lifestyle. Mary's younger brother, Jamie, still likes Arthur regardless of his criminal escapades with the Van der Linde gang.

How old was John Marston when Arthur died?

During the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan is about 36 years old, while Bill Williamson is about 33. John Marston, the protagonist of the original Red Dead Redemption game, is in his mid-20s during the events of RDR2.

How old was Dutch van der Linde when he died?

If you haven't seen the post yet, it reveals the following character ages: Hosea Matthews (55), Dutch van der Linde (44), Micah Bell (39), Arthur Morgan (36), Bill Williamson (33), Charles Smith (27), John Marston (26), and Molly O'Shea (Mid-20s).

Is Sadie mentioned in rdr1?

The original RDR never mentions Red Dead Redemption 2's Sadie Adler and Charles Smith, but in-game clues could suggest their fate. In the original Red Dead Redemption, players take control of John Marston as he is forced to hunt down his former gang members from his Dutch Van der Linde days.

How old is Kieran Duffy?

he is around 37 years old when he is caught by Arthur Morgan, he has a few scars on his leg from a wolf bite when he was 13 years old as he was out hunting wolves with his older brothers.

How old was Micah when died?

Bill Williamson was 45 when John tracked him down to Nuevo Paraiso, and Micah Bell was 47 when he's killed by John and Dutch at Beecher's Hope.

How old is Mary Beth in RDR2?

While interacting with her at camp, Arthur states that he believes Mary-Beth is either “21 or 22” years old, though she does not confirm this, stating that it's rude for Arthur to be talking about her age.

How old is Lenny in RDR2?

Leonard "Lenny" Summers (1880-1899) is a major character from the 2018 video game Red Dead Redemption 2. At 19 years old, he is the youngest member of the entire Van Der Linde gang (not counting Jack Marston), but despite that, he still earns a spot in the gang as one of their shooters. He was voiced by Harron Atkins.

What is Arthur Morgan's body count?

Even players who take the High Honor route throughout Red Dead 2 will find that Arthur has usually killed around 900 people by the time of his death.

Did Arthur care for John?

However, their relationship strained when John ran away for little over a year after getting Abigail Roberts pregnant with his son, Jack. This hurt Arthur deeply and left him feeling betrayed and also annoyed at John not appreciating the family he had. As a result, for most of 1899, Arthur has little respect for John.

Why does John Marston look like Arthur?

Many players believe that the developers placed John Marston's skin on Arthur Morgan's character model. The build of this version of Marston does looks very similar to that other protagonist. And it doesn't seem unreasonable as dozens of players report mistaking the John Marston of the epilogue with Arthur Morgan.

Why can Arthur swim not John?

There's no big secret as to why John Marston can't swim in Red Dead Redemption 2. Surprisingly, it's just that he never learned how. It's also a nice callback from Rockstar Games to explain the swimming limitations in the first Red Dead Redemption.

Who is Arthur's best friend in Arthur?

Buster Baxter (voiced by Daniel Brochu; Jonathan Morris 2002–2012, 2000 redub, under-credited as Conway Bruce) is Arthur's best friend. He is a white rabbit who wears a turquoise long-sleeve polo shirt and jeans.

Is Arthur always underweight?

This means, during the game, Arthur can organically gain or lose weight depending on what you're feeding him. There is a healthy size for the outlaw, which puts him in the best condition possible. But for much of the game, your Arthur will likely be either overweight or underweight.

Can you make Arthur overweight?

While this may have been a mystery at first, it turns out it is a lot simpler to make Arthur Morgan overweight and it is possible. All players need to do is eat food and then rest by using the kneel option (holding triangle/Y). Continuing to do this should increase Arthur's weight until it says overweight.

Can Arthur go underwater?

12 Swim. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan can swim as long as his stamina holds out, which is a fairly long time. If John tries to take a dip in a lake, his stamina depletes almost instantly, and he quickly drowns.

How tall is Micah Bell?

That is really the area where Bell must improve the most. Right now, on defense, he's more of an elite athlete that is still learning the position, but the tools are all there. At 5-11 and 165 pounds with good arm length he has the radius to thrive at cornerback.

What is Arthur Morgan's favorite gun?

Arthur Morgan, the game's protagonist, starts out with a six-shooter known as the Cattleman Revolver. He later gains the ability to dual-wield sidearms such as revolvers and sawed-off shotguns. At that point, the player can visit a gunsmith and buy a second Cattleman Revolver to give Arthur twice the stopping power.

How tall is Arthur Morgan weight?

Appearance. Arthur Morgan stands at 6'1" (185cm) weighs 180 LBS and is of a build. He has dirty blonde hair and blue/ green eyes. His body type can be affected by the player's eating habits as well.

Is Arthur Morgan mixed race?

But if you kill those Klansmen, there's no witness to report you. Even though Arthur Morgan is a white guy and an outlaw, Red Dead Redemption plants a flag: Even bad guys know there are not “good people” on both sides.

Who was King Arthur true love?

Guinevere, wife of Arthur, legendary king of Britain, best known in Arthurian romance through the love that his knight Sir Lancelot bore for her.

Who was Arthur's first love?

In Chapter 18:1, Arthur first sees Guinevere and falls instantly in love with her. In 18:3, he tells Merlin he will have only Guinevere as his wife. Merlin warns him that she will not be faithful but will fall in love with a knight called Lancelot, and he with her, and they will betray him.

What does Dutch do after Arthur dies?

In reality, Dutch survived the bank robbery. He began to live between, and inspired Native Americans to follow his cause to stop the upcoming government. The Native Americans followed him, despite hating white people, eventually re-creating a new Dutch's Gang, this time known as "Dutch's Tribe".

Did Arthur ever have a kid?

Kyduan was not the only child of Arthur according to Welsh Arthurian tradition – he is also ascribed sons called Amr (Amhar), Gwydre, Llacheu and Duran.

Who is Merlin's wife?

Merlin spends a part of his life as a madman in the woods and marries a woman named Guendoloena (a character inspired by the male Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio).

Did Merlin have a child?

Nimue and Merlin have a very different relationship in the legend. When Nimue and Merlin meet in the fifth episode, she asks the wizard why her mother instructed her to bring him the sword. By the end, viewers learn that not only did he and her mother have a relationship, but Nimue is actually Merlin's daughter.

Who ends up killing Arthur?

Before going away for battle, Arthur left Mordred (his nephew) temporarily in charge of Camelot. But power-thirsty Mordred soon wanted the kingdom for himself, which resulted in a swordfight between Mordred and Arthur that ended in the deaths of both of them.

Who did Arthur have a child with rdr2?

Arthur had a son, Isaac, with a waitress named Eliza; he demonstrated regular support for them until they were killed in a robbery.

How old was Abigail Marston when he died?

In 1914, Abigail Marston dies at approximately 37 years of age from unknown causes, and Jack buries her on the hill of the ranch next to John and Uncle.

Who is older Arthur or Morgan?

Morgana is older than Arthur, because that's why she believes the throne should be hers, as she is the oldest Pendragon child.

How many years after Arthur dies?

The game jumps forward several years following Arthur's death at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2's main story, and it's 1906 by the time the epilogue (starring John Marston once again) starts, so a good seven years have passed.

What were Dutch's last words?

As Marston points a pistol at him, Dutch begins to speak, saying "We can't always fight nature John... We can't fight change. We can't fight nothin'." He also claims that (which are also his last words) "Our time is passed, John...", before falling to his death.

What happens to Trelawny RDR2?

After the gang begins falling apart, Trelawny eventually decides to leave. He packs his bags and quietly leaves for good after Arthur gives him his blessing.

Is Arthur mentioned in Red Dead 1?

Eagle-eyed players of the original Red Dead Redemption have spotted an interesting reference to its prequel's main protagonist, Arthur Morgan. The connection can be found in one of the newspapers available for purchase in game.

How old is Micah Bell RDR2?

If you haven't seen the post yet, it reveals the following character ages: Hosea Matthews (55), Dutch van der Linde (44), Micah Bell (39), Arthur Morgan (36), Bill Williamson (33), Charles Smith (27), John Marston (26), and Molly O'Shea (Mid-20s).

Who is the oldest character in RDR2?

Hosea is Dutch's right hand and the oldest member in the gang, which is why all the other members look up to him and seek out his advice. Hosea met Dutch when they were both trying to rob each other at a campfire. After that, they quickly became friends, and the rest is history.

How old was Dutch when he died?

↑ Dan Houser said Dutch was “about 60 years old” in Red Dead Redemption. We know that Red Dead Redemption takes place in 1911, placing Dutch's birthdate around 1850-1855.

How old is Lenny Summers RDR2?

Leonard "Lenny" Summers (1880-1899) is a major character from the 2018 video game Red Dead Redemption 2. At 19 years old, he is the youngest member of the entire Van Der Linde gang (not counting Jack Marston), but despite that, he still earns a spot in the gang as one of their shooters.


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